Improvement Tips For Your Home Improvement Business Lesson 1

Lesson 1: Why it’s important to charge more, rather than less.
Charge more? Yes, you heard right – you should charge MORE for your services.

You deserve it. People like Donald Trump and Richard Branson charge more for their services every single day, and there are many people out there who are willing to pay their outrageous fees, and why is that? Because the perception is, they charge more because they’re great at what they do.

When people get ready to buy something, they often buy out of emotion, not logic. No matter whether you are a contractor, a plumber, a realtor, or an architect, companies who charge more are generally considered to offer a higher quality of service, while those that undercut are perceived as being more likely to do a shoddy job.

Think about it: Would you rather do one job for $10,000 or ten jobs for $1,000?

That is the real key to charging more – sure, you’ll get more customers going elsewhere for their projects, but those that accept the higher rates will make up for that loss of income, and you will be doing LESS work.

In short, you will be working smarter instead of harder.

Of course, charging more does not mean you should swindle your customers, or get outrageous with your fees. If you plan to charge more, you must also offer more value for the customer’s dollar. Offer them little things – small improvements in quality that they might not have expected, a little extra work beyond the brief, maybe even just a smile and a kind word when it would be easier to keep your head down and stick to the task at hand. Sure, it’s extra effort, but it’s MINIMAL extra effort, considering you’re bumping your rates up considerably in return.

When you decide to take the leap and increase your rates, try adding 15% to your usual fee for a month. At the end of the month, evaluate your profits and see whether you think you could raise your rates even further without losing work.

Remember though, you must offer the product you have promised at the price you have promised. Customers won’t be back if you are not offering a top of the line product. Do not underestimate your customer’s intelligence level. They will know if they are being taken and not receiving the product they should, but if you do give them what you said you would, at a high quality level, your customers, even your regulars, won’t mind paying that extra cash for your great service. And in fact, they’ll probably tell their friends about you.

You work hard. Because you work so hard, you should dedicate yourself to becoming the best professional you can be. That means learning along the way. Taking the initiative to sign up for this short course shows that you would like to better yourself. The better a business professional you become, the more you can charge your customers, and if you step up to the gold standard, customers will not only pay a higher rate, but they’ll beat a path to your door.

The next lesson in this series will help you understand how to close the sale while charging more money. This quick two minute read can double your income instantly, so keep an eye out for it!

5 Home Improvement Businesses You Can Start

One of the secrets to starting and operating a successful business is to offer products or services that people not only want but also need. If you combine this idea with the fact that most people consider their home to be their largest and most important investment, you soon realize a home improvement business can be one of the best types of business to go into. Here are five different home improvement businesses you can start, along with some of the best reasons to do so.

1. Water Feature Design and Installation – Businesses that design and install water features such as fountains, fish ponds, waterfalls, and water gardens are incredibly hot right now and, if marketed properly, are likely to have more work than they can handle. Numerous popular home improvement shows on television have featured many of these projects and, consequently, demand has gone through the roof. An individual or a couple of partners can start off with smaller jobs and work their way up to the larger projects as their knowledge and skills increase. Any business that does this would be wise to take pictures of every job and use them in their marketing efforts.

2. Home Staging Consultant – While it is no secret the real estate market in the U.S. is the weakest it has been in a long time and the number of frustrated people who have been trying to sell their home for many months is on the increase, it is still a fact that the best houses sell quickly. What these sellers need is a home staging consultant who can turn their home into one of the desirable ones that will sell quickly. A home staging consultant gets much of their business from real estate broker referrals, but works directly with the seller to get the home in peak selling condition. Most consultants usually price their jobs by quoting a flat or hourly fee, plus expenses. Some consultants also market their services to the seller via direct mail and to real estate professionals via direct mail and personal contact.

3. Deck Builder – Drive through almost any neighborhood in the country and notice how many homes have an attached deck. Now consider the fact that at least half of the rest would love to have one and you will have some idea of the amount of potential business just waiting for the right company to come along. Smart builders work to show their customers how adding a deck can pay for itself in increased value, provide many years of enjoyment, and can be just the thing to sway a new buyer when it comes time to sell. This is another business where you will want to photograph the work you do to use in the marketing of your services.

4. Wooden Fence Installation – A chain link fence may provide security but it certainly does not look very attractive or provide any privacy. Many homeowners today would rather go with a wooden fence, if given the choice, and that provides us with another choice for a great business to start. Whether for security, privacy, or to prevent young children from wandering off, many homeowners would like to have a fence installed and a wooden one is more durable and attractive than any other. Try to offer a variety of styles such as post and rails, picket fences, and privacy fences to your repertoire.

5. Painter – Painting is one of the easier skills to learn, and a house painting business can be started with very little in the way of equipment and supplies. In fact, many successful house-painting companies have started out with one or two people and increased their equipment and workers as the business grew. Painting is a home improvement task that most people need done but also one most people hate to do. Take advantage of this and open your own house painting service and turn your dreams of owning your own profitable business into a reality.

One of the secrets to running a successful business is to choose a business that is in demand no matter the economy. This is why owning and operating a home improvement business can be a smart move for the right company. In good times and bad, a person will spend more money on repairing and improving their home than on just about anything else. Take advantage of this by starting your own home improvement business.